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IQF Pineapple

Pineapple is one of the most famous tropical fruits. Pineapple contains many nutrients such as antioxidants...

DURIAN "King of Fruits"

Okay, let me introduce myself . I'm Durian, people called me by " King of Fruits". I am a large, spiky, hard outer shell fruit that is well-loved in....

Happy new year 2022

Now is the time to look back see the year that has gone. Sad and happy, Angry or forgiven, Satisfied or not. Grow up or still green like the begin...

Pandan Leaves

Do you know this leaves? We call Pandan Leaves by Lá Dứa in Vietnam. They have a grassy herby flavor and can be tied in a knot and added to rice...

Ts Food Soccer team

We had a joyful competition and happy time together. We are proud to be the sponsor of the high school student's soccer game in the region...


Ts FOOD process IQF Ginger peeled to EU market  Why is ginger good for you? Ginger may have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral...


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